as society moves from knowledge-driven to idea-driven, originality and creativity will become paramount. artisan companies intends to foster individuals and businesses helping humanity make this (r)evolutionary change.

what we do

we partner

we partner with incredible artisans across a variety of consumer products and services, and sell those products direct to you. this helps the artisans spread their individual brands and missions, ensuring positive examples in the world for others to emulate

we invest

at least 5% of the price of every product we sell goes directly into our investment vehicle, artisan ventures.  artisan ventures’ central mandate is to support companies whose product/service addresses our mission and principles on a mass scale

we give

another 5% of sales we allocate for direct support of organizations and initiatives that align with our mission. whether it be family support organizations, supplemental arts or exercise programs, nutrition guidance or others, we are there to set the foundation

we reward

for each artisan company we sell goods with, the amount of investment dollars their product generated gets returned to them when the investment gets realized, or if they choose, they can allow us to reinvest or grant that money on their behalf again

featured products

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